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i wouldn't worry too much about your heart, eve...

...you can always put that award where your heart ought to be.

waiter, will you please serve the nuts?

i love marmar.

i mean...serve the guests the nuts?



June 27th, 2005

(no subject)

i love marmar.
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(no subject)

i love marmar.
...I think I'm about to go the Friends Only route.

Kay is telling me about this reality show she watches that is about a family who owns a mortuary.

Quote of Last Week
"I need to get on the internet because I have to find a gnome." - my co-worker Doug

June 26th, 2005

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And now, a picspam featuring photos that make me happy.
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June 25th, 2005

your mom does the twist.

i love marmar.
I think I'm dead.
It was SO HOT outside tonight. Seriously.
Dancing for two hours in heels with a heat index of 95 degrees = DEATH.
Will give a detailed report of the sockhop tomorrow, but in short...
-Kay and I had a great time, like we do every year
-the guy from the newspaper took our photo with Mike Harvey like eighty times--he did it last year and the year before, too, so we'll hoping maybe this year we'll actually be IN the paper
-as usual, we got hit on by the assortment of crackheads and generally gross people there
-Mike randomly played the Cha-Cha Slide, which was just odd
-we ran into STEVE at Denny's!

Oh, I almost forgot...
Quote of the Night:
"I hate the Freedom Festival. It's just white trash on cocaine." - Steve

Good freaking night.

June 24th, 2005

I'm about to head out the door, and my hair looks nothing like Dinah Manoff's in Grease.
Sigh. Sad bunny.
...So my goal for tonight is to get my hair to look like Dinah Manoff's in Grease.
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Marty...Maraschino. You know, like the cherry.

I've wanted to be a Pink Lady since I was like eight. For the fifth grade talent show, the kids doing the Grease medley let me be Rizzo because I wouldn't stop whining about it :o) But even then I didn't have an actual Pink Ladies jacket--my grandma was going to buy me one just to wear for the talent show but the store that carried them was sold out, so I ended up with this sparkly pink shirt that didn't even say "Pink Ladies" or anything.
The jackets Kay and I have for the sockhop tonight aren't exactly like the ones they wear in the movie, but that's okay...at least my Pink Ladies dream is partially realized.
Some days, my boss's son does not drive me completely insane...unfortunately, today was NOT one of those days. He's a good kid, and I acknowledge that...I acknowledge that he is ten years old and I feel bad for him because his parents both work and he has to come with them instead of doing things he probably would like to do instead...BUT that does not excuse the fact that 85% of the time he follows me around, talks to me all about his video games (I don't care, nor do I have ANY clue what he's talking about), and tries to "help" me do my job.
Today I came up with a way to deal with that--every time I get frustrated with him, I think of Madonna saying that line from A League of Their Own. Presto. Instant calm...or at least, instant chuckle for a minute or two.

So, yeah, work today. I spent my entire seven-hour shift folding, tagging, pricing, labeling, shelving, and arranging t-shirts.
I never want to see another t-shirt again.
...Except that I own 80,000 of them. So that's just not an option.

Why did my AIM just lose connection? My internet is fine. Bastards. I was talking to Nate.

Oh, and someone bought Cher today.
At work we sell 8x10 photos of musicians, matted and framed beside a cute little 45 record of one of their songs...the first day I was going to be working by myself, I was nervous and my boss put the Cher photo and record on the wall right behind the counter and said "You'll be okay because Cher is there to keep her eye on you." So since then Cher has been there, and my co-workers laugh at me because every once in while I'd be telling a story or something and then look at it and be like "Right, Cher?" ...Because I'm insane. (And so are they, so it's all good.) Anyway, I became pretty attached to Cher...And today a man was buying the Jimmy Buffett photo/record thingie and it was the first one we'd actually sold, and I was sitting on the floor folding shirts and said jokingly as my boss was ringing him up, "Yay, at least he's not buying my Cher!" Not two seconds later, he said, "Cher? Oh, I'll take it!" My boss and I cracked up, and the guy was like "No, really!" So I very sadly said goodbye to Cher and bagged her and put her in a box and sent her to her new home.
My boss moved the Fleetwood Mac record and photo into Cher's former spot on the wall behind the counter so now Stevie & Co. can keep me company.
But I miss my Cher.

SOCK HOP TOMORROW NIGHT. (Well...tonight, technically, since it's past midnight...)
Kay and I got Pink Ladies jackets and black capri pants from her family's costume shop--we are going to look totally fabulous this year!
And since it's past midnight, it's officially...MY DAY OFF!

June 23rd, 2005


i love marmar.
Judy icons, just five for now...
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June 19th, 2005

Hi, my name is Cara...

i love marmar.
...and I'm a LiveJournal-aholic.
I'm addicted. Guh.

June 18th, 2005

a large cat is on my lap

i love marmar.
...I cat-napped him from the hallway, and now he's fallen asleep on me.
Now he's awake. And attacking the keyboard.
Cats can type too...Collapse )

I keep forgetting to post about this. The other night I had a dream that Kay and I were taken hostage by Fred Schneider of the B-52's. You know, the band that sang "Love Shack" and "Rock Lobster"...yeah. And it was actually a very scary dream, we were being kept against our will in Fred Schneider's basement, which oddly enough was on campus at school and right next to the PAC.
There is no explanation for this dream. I haven't listened to the B-52's in forever, nor do I think about Fred Schneider on a regular basis or ever at all.

My Stevie Nicks tickets still haven't come in the mail yet. I'm wondering if a disgruntled postal worker stole them.

The Boy Next Door no longer works next door. He got another job. He called me today.
He: "I thought you worked at one today."
Me: "Nay, I go in at four."
He: "I found that out when I went in to see you and Doug said you didn't come in until four."
Me: "I told you that."
He: "I got my tattoo."
Me: "Oh, God."
I don't think I like him as much as I thought I did. I mean, he's definitely my pal, but I just don't need to be dating anyone right now, me thinks.

I haven't had a voice lesson in a month. I think my teacher has forgotten I exist, or at least forgotten to call me and let me know my new lesson time. I'm tired of calling and leaving messages and not hearing back. I know that's just how they operate, though, and eventually I'll get ahold of him, even if it takes Kay or me going over there and being like "...Remember us?"
I'll probably call him tomorrow though.
I've been wanting to sing "Colored Lights" for like a week.

Well...I'm going to have a PopTart and make some Liza icons because Photoshop owns my soul.
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